Oracle Daily Direction Alerts bring you the hottest stocks to trade, straight to your inbox - every market open.

With Oracle Daily Direction Alerts you get:

Alerted to the stock picks selected from our powerful Oracle scanner that promise the biggest moves that day.
News and analysis for each stock pick so you know why this stock was chosen.
A write-up on each stock, an analysis of why it's on Oracle, resistance price, potential price, stop loss, exit price, and game plan for each idea.

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New Oracle Daily Direction Alert subscribers - Special offer! Receive Oracle Daily Direction Alerts directly to your email every market day! Only $9.00 for your first 7 days then $97 recurring monthly. (you can cancel anytime prior to the next billing to avoid additional charges)

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What time will I receive these alerts?

Shortly after the market opens, our Oracle scanner creates it watchlist. We then analyze and hand-select the hottest stocks. Expect your alerts no later than 10 AM ET.

How will I receive these alerts?

These alerts are sent directly to your inbox using the email you signed up with. Be sure to whitelist these emails and check your inbox for [email protected] and contact us if you don't see them.

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**These alerts are recommendations and profits are not guaranteed.