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Find hot stocks to trade, research IPOs & see what’s trending...
Auto-generate watchlists based on your trading style & preferences...
Trade right inside the platform by connecting to your broker...
Get alerted to the latest news on stocks faster than anywhere else by two experienced financial analysts
Discuss stock trade ideas with other traders all-day long
Gain experience with paper-trading in real-time

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StocksToTrade Monthly and Breaking News with 14-Days Trial for $17 $7.00
StocksToTrade Monthly Subscription at $179.95/month
Breaking News - Chat $49.00

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Accepted Payment Types

The trial is a one-time fee of $17.00 - that’s it. You will only be billed the regular monthly fees after your 14-day trial if you choose not to cancel. We’ll send an email reminder near the end of the trial.

Can I cancel during my trial?

Certainly! You can cancel at any time, just go to your account dashboard & click “Cancel Subscription”. You can also choose to cancel your Breaking News Chatroom subscription in your account dashboard, but keep in mind that chatroom access is only available to active platform subscribers.

Can I change plans?

Of course! You can change plans or switch between monthly/annual billing via your account dashboard, or contact us and we’ll help you out.

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